The Way To A Woman’s Heart Is Through The…Shoe Store

An effective collab between “The Bachelor” Victor Stoyanov and CCC combined a woman’s love for shoes and the euphoria over the most romantic reality show on air


To catch the wave through the prism of the never-ending joy of a highly anticipated meeting – that is precisely what the CCC shoe store achieved with its choice of Victor Stoyanov as the face of an effective live campaign. The event took place in the first Saturday of June, and gave fans the opportunity to meet and take pictures with Bulgaria’s first ever bachelor, whose love life was followed by millions in front of the bTV screen in Spring 2022.

The campaign was creatively announced with an invite on the brand’s Facebook page, which combined in one a woman’s love for shoes and the remarkable interest for the dark-haired Victor. Two days before the event, he also addressed his numerous followers with an appeal for the meet & greet and keenness to see his fans live.

For the event, the CCC store had marked with roses certain shoe models, the purchase of which gave the client an opportunity for a photo and autograph from Victor. Those who wanted to take a picture with”The Bachelor” in front of the store were hundreds and the event itself lasted almost two hours.

In addition to a photo and a pair of shoes, some fans also left with a magnetic autograph from Victor.

You can watch videos of the event itself.