bTV Accepts Anton Hekimyan’s Resignation


Sofia/September 23, 2023

Effective immediately, bTV Media Group (bTV) announces that it has accepted Anton Hekimyan’s resignation, Director News, Current affairs and Sports, as he has decided to pursue other professional endeavors.

The company would like to thank Anton Hekimyan for his professional contribution for the past 17 years and we recognize his efforts in making bTV one of the most objective and trustworthy media in Bulgaria.

In the interim period bTV’s CEO Ralf Bartoleit will be responsible for the News department together with the Editor-in-Chief of bTV News Veselina Petrakieva, Editor-in-Chief of Current Affairs Iskra Vladimirova and Web Contеnt Manager & Sports Executive producer Vladislava Lazarova. As a journalist at Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in Germany and bureau chief in Moscow and Leipzig with the Deutsche Presse Agentur (dpa), Mr. Bartoleit has an excellent proven track record as a political editor and foreign correspondent.

„bTV has always been a great employer and has pursued media professionalism at the highest levels” said Anton Hekimyan.

The CME Editorial Board will continue to monitor all news activities of bTV to ensure the integrity and independence of bTV news. bTV will immediately start the process of selecting Mr. Hekimyan's replacement for the position of Director of News, Current Affairs and Sports.