bTV is the most trusted media among the viewers on the Elections day

The data is from a national survey* in the country


Nearly 37% of respondents trusted the newsroom of bTV News for the follow-up of the Elections day on October 2nd. According to the data of the national representative express survey* of "Market Links", the largest percentage of viewers indicated bTV as the media with the most professional, objective and independent coverage, with the most interesting guests and with the best presenters on the day of the vote. Almost 40% say that they will continue to inform themselves by the media even after the elections.

The bTV newsroom followed the race for the votes of the Bulgarians in the preliminary parliamentary vote with an on-air marathon from 7 am to 1 am. The most of the respondents (40.5%) defines bTV's coverage as the most professional, and 38% as the most objective and independent.

Respondents participating in the survey defined bTV's on-air guests as the most interesting - 37.1%, and 41.8% claimed that the presenters and journalists of the media on Elections day were the best.

The survey shows that the television remains the most preferred media source of information, chosen by 62.4% of respondents, followed by social networks - 20.3% and online media with almost 15%.

"I would like to thank all colleagues from bTV for the wonderful work in this serial election campaign and the hot elections day. Each of us has proven with our work that the main principle of our television is fulfilled - to surpass ourselves every time in terms of vision and content of the television and digital product. I know that all the colleagues work with heart, dedication and high professionalism, and the viewers' results showed that they appreciated it," said Anton Hekimyan, Director of News, Current Affairs and Sports at bTV.

On the Elections day, a team of nearly 250 professionals offered exclusive news content to the viewers, listeners and online users on all bTV platforms and showed how the vote takes place in Bulgaria and abroad.  The data from the people metrics agency GARB showed that the audience preferred the special programs of bTV News for current comments, analyzes and election results during the whole day.

*Market Links national representative express survey of 685 people aged 18-54 nationwide, conducted October 5-7, 2022.