"How much do you give me?" with TV debut on bTV

Media continues to expand entertainment portfolio in 2024


bTV has acquired the rights to broadcast the Can't Stop Media company's entertainment TV game show "How Much You Give Me?" (Guess My Age). With this step, the media outlet is expanding its portfolio of entertainment shows and bringing the whole family together in front of the screen.

"How Much Do You Give Me?" (Guess My Age) has been the most successful game show since its inception in 2016. The format has been produced in 18 countries worldwide, with over 2,500 episodes aired, over 5,000 participants and 15,000 "strangers." In the hit show "How Much Do You Give Me?", players can win big by following a single rule - name the exact age of a stranger! In each edition of the game, a pair of contestants must guess the age of 6 real-life complete strangers within a few rounds. To cope with the task players, have 5 jokers at their disposal, which direct them to events that happened during the year of birth to the stranger. As the players progress through the game, the stakes become higher and the likelihood of winning or losing a larger sum of money becomes more and more realistic, increasing the suspense for everyone!

This autumn there will be more entertainment and surprises for the viewers of bTV with the latest production of the media - "How much do you give me?". With these, the broadcaster reinforces its aspiration to serve quality content and establish a place of fun prize-funded games on its airwaves.