"Tell Honestly" with TV debut on bTV

Media expands portfolio of entertainment shows in the new year


bTV has acquired the rights to broadcast the entertainment format Tell Honestly (To Tell the Truth) from British multinational television production and distribution company Fremantle. With this step, the media outlet expands its portfolio of entertainment shows that bring the whole family together in front of the screen.

“Tell Honestly“ (To Tell the Truth) is a TV game show in which a jury of four is pitted against a team of three contestants. All three contestants claim to be the same person, but only one of them is a real person, and according to the rules of the game, he must tell the truth all the time. The other two, of course, are not constrained in this way, and can give both factual (i.e., truthful) answers to questions and slip up at will during the game. In asking the participants questions, the jury tries to determine which of them is the real person. At the end of each game, the jury must announce which of the three participants they think is the real person. Entertainment on the show is guaranteed as the participants in "Tell Honestly" work as a team, trying different methods to outwit the jury, who work individually to determine the real person.

"Tell Honestly" is the latest production that will soon delight the viewers of bTV. With it, the media reinforces its aspiration to serve quality content and to establish a place of entertainment games with prizes in its air.