bTV Lady becomes bTV Story

Premiere titles, hit series and favorite actors enter the programme of the new channel from the bTV Media Group family


bTV Story is the new name of bTV Lady. Under the motto "Emotions to Share" the new channel will delight viewers with exciting stories and plots of popular series from all around the world and the film industry.

"We work to make our viewers happy. That's why bTV Story is the modern continuation of our efforts to create a place that offers a real variety of cinema and TV titles suitable for the whole family," commented Ralf Bartoleit, CEO of bTV Media Group.

The new channel will offer viewers a new visual concept and identity inspired by shared family viewing. 

"Right from the launch, bTV Story will grab viewers' attention with premieres of some of the most popular productions around the world from a variety of genres and featuring beloved actors. The programme includes some of the most anticipated series from Turkey, Latin America, Asia and Europe, while our film offerings contain hit titles suitable for the whole family," says Hristo Hadjitanev, Programme Director, bTV Media Group.

The big innovation in the bTV Story scheme is personalization - a programme fully tailored to the interests and preferences of series viewers, who will be able to follow their favorite titles throughout the year, with no breaks during the holidays and no matter the season.

The rebranded channel will maintain bTV Lady's position in the cable and satellite operators' network, with the change of graphic identity to be implemented at the end of the year. 



It's time for a new beginning. bTV Lady becomes bTV Story. Coming soon.