bTV Media Group won a gold award in the "BAPRA Bright Awards 2023" competition

The anniversary, the 10th edition of the largest volunteer initiative "Let's clean Bulgaria together", was awarded first place in the "ESG Communication Campaign" category


The largest volunteer initiative in Bulgaria "The good example | Let's clean up Bulgaria together", won first place at the annual awards for the most successful communication campaigns in Bulgaria - BAPRA Bright Awards 2023. The gold prize in the competition organized by the Bulgarian Association of PR Agencies was awarded in the "ESG Communication Campaign" category.


126 are the projects that competed in 17 categories of the BAPRA Bright Awards competition this year. This figure represents an increase of over 20% compared to 2022. The number of agencies and companies that joined the competition is even greater – this year they are 28.


The special category "ESG communication campaign or project" distinguishes the communications of companies or agencies that have achieved sustainable development in the past year. bTV Media Group, with its large-scale initiative "Let's clean Bulgaria together", won the prize in the competition out of 7 other competing projects. The prestigious international jury recognized the long-term efforts of the media group in support of Bulgaria's nature and the overall idea of bTV to show a good example, to inspire people and companies that the change for a better environment is in the hands of all of us.

“We are delighted with the BAPRA Bright Awards in the "ESG Communication Campaign or Project" category. bTV Media Group, as part of the large family of Central European Media Enterprises (CME) and the international company PPF Group, continues to show commitment to important social causes and civic initiatives that form our concept of a sustainable media and public presence in Bulgaria. We focus long-term on social and environmental challenges, through which we can contribute to better development of society, and the eleventh edition of the campaign "Let's clean Bulgaria together" will once again show the strength and good example of volunteerism in the country," says Janeta Diadovska, Marketing and Corporate Communications Director of bTV Media Group.

"We are thrilled with this recognition because it means a lot to the efforts of hundreds of thousands of volunteers and companies across the country, as well as to the entire bTV Media Group team. Our responsible goal as a company is to stimulate and promote good practices in caring for society and the environment that surrounds us, and the campaign "Let's clean Bulgaria together" embodies exactly that - how to think and act consciously and rationally when it comes to our way of life, for the development of young people and for the creation of a sustainable public environment. We look forward to this year's edition of the initiative to join forces once again with our extensive partner network and show how together we can achieve a lot." - adds Maria Lazarova, Marketing Manager "Television Projects" of bTV Media Group.

The tenth edition of the campaign "Let's clean Bulgaria together" mobilized the activity of the partner network and brought back the scale of the activities. The response of the initiative in society and the media contributed to its successful results in 2022. Nearly 280,000 volunteers and 575 schools joined the campaign. In total, 2,832.25 tons of waste were collected, 412 landfills and 3,457 polluted areas were cleaned, 282 recreation places in parks and cultural and historical monuments were renovated. The campaign also focuses on places affected by natural disasters, such as the community center in the village of Karavelovo and the area around the Rila Monastery. The eleventh edition of "Let's clean Bulgaria together" is coming in 2023.