bTV News celebrates 23 years since its first broadcast


On today's date - 18 November, bTV News celebrates 23 years since its first television broadcast. At the end of a year filled with challenges of various social, economic, political, and military dimensions, the editorial team of Bulgaria's first private national television continues to capture the pulse of events daily and empower viewers to be well informed. At the heart of the success are thousands of hours of work by producers and presenters of news, current affairs programs and sport, reporters, cameramen, editors, graphic designers, correspondents, international and web editors.

"Happy birthday, bTV News! I congratulate all those who are connected to the history, present and future of the newsroom because people create quality journalism. We have been doing this for 23 years and will continue to do so with dedication and passion. We are grateful to our viewers for their high trust and for the demands on us that make us grow," says Ralf Bartoleit, CEO of bTV Media Group and Acting Director of News, Current Affairs and Sport.

Each year, the bTV News newsroom organizes an internal competition to honor colleagues with the most outstanding achievements over the past year. Results for 2023 will be presented further.