bTV organizes debates and interviews in the current affairs shows for the Local Elections 2023

The objectivity of the editorial plan for news coverage in the election campaign will be led by interim News Director Ralf Bartoleit and monitored by the CME Editorial Board


Presenters of bTV's current affairs shows, faces and reporters from bTV News, will be involved in the on-air coverage of the local election campaign. With the support of the CME editorial board, bTV will ensure objective, impartial and high-quality coverage of the election campaign.

bTV current affairs shows "This Morning", "Face to Face" and "120 Minutes" will present the parties, formations and candidates in organised debates, interviews or through special reports on the most important public issues and problems from the country's settlements.

The editorial plan of bTV includes a total of 8 debates with candidates for mayors in the studio of “This Morning” with hosts Zlatimir Yochev and Maria Tsantsarova. The team will hold two debates a week from 3 to 26 October, every Tuesday and Thursday between 08:00 - 09:00. In the morning block, additional interviews with the candidates for mayor and municipal councilors will be conducted, reports with local issues will be presented by regions, in which citizens will pose their questions.  The debates in This Morning will be held according to predetermined rules. Participants will be invited according to the parliamentary representation of the political formations and/ or according to the sociological data of the agencies with which bTV works. The candidates will receive equal participation in the discussions and the participation will be confirmed in advance.

The host of “Face to Face” Tsvetanka Rizova will conduct in her show discussion formats with candidates for municipal councilors, interviews with candidates and with representatives of political formations in the period 2-27 October

“120 minutes” with Svetoslav Ivanov will be the arena of 4 consecutive meetings with the leaders or deputy leaders of political formations, from 1 to 22 October.

"The entire bTV News and Current Affairs team is focusing its extensive expertise to offer professional, objective and audience-useful content on upcoming local elections. The coverage of political campaigns has always been followed not only by viewers but also by many organizations and I am confident that we will live up to the expectations of our viewers," says Ralf Bartoleit, CEO and Acting Director of News, Current Affairs and Sports.

"bTV is an outstanding media brand with proven journalists. In the context of the upcoming elections, the CME editorial board is already actively supporting journalists, producers and editors-in-chief. I can assure you that they are extremely prepared and motivated to stand for the journalistic profession to the best of their ability", added CME Editorial Board member Hans Mahr.

bTV will cover the election campaign on all its platforms. In the digital coverage on the and websites, the company will focus on the topics and issues that people in Bulgaria are concerned about, through polls on everyday problems related to transport, healthcare, education system, inflation, infrastructure and security, environment. A special section with an interactive map Local Elections 2023 is already active and users can find useful information about the regions.

The publicist show "The Important, Spoken Out Loud" on bTV Radio will offer on-air 4 interviews per week with candidates for mayors and municipal councilors on specific topics.