From 11 December (Monday), the new channel in the bTV Media Group family - bTV Story and successor of bTV Lady, will settle in viewers' homes to offer them some of the most anticipated, hit and commented series and movies from around the world in different genres. A full 48 hours of premiere content awaits fans of romance, drama and crime series weekly with 10 top titles from Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, South Korea, UK and France - 7 premieres on weekdays from 4pm to 12am and 3 more premiere titles on weekends from 8pm to 12am.

One of the most popular Turkish series on Bulgarian air right now - " Forbidden Fruit ", became part of the bTV Story program on the very first day of its launch. From December 11 (Monday) only the viewers of the new family channel will have the opportunity to follow the long-awaited denouement of the famous series, and the final episodes of the sixth and final season will be broadcast 7 days a week from 21:30.


On the same day in prime time bTV Story will offer a thematic block with premiere titles.  Two of the most provocative, quality and high-budget Turkish world sensations - "The Family" and "Golden Boy" will grab the attention of viewers and will be broadcast in parallel with their world premiere in over 180 countries. The episodes of the saga with Khavanç Tatlatu, which managed to stir the spirits with its unconventional plot based on psychoanalysis, will be broadcast on weekday evenings at 7:00 pm. Immediately after it is the turn of the total hit Golden Boy. The extraordinary love story of two young people, whose courageous and turbulent relationship has sparked an international response and made the series one of the most popular titles of 2023 worldwide, will be available for viewers to watch every weekday evening from 20:00 in episodes of an hour and a half. Every weeknight at 10:30 p.m.


bTV Story will delight the many fans of Asian cinema with the premiere of the Korean film "I Am Not a Robot" - a story about a rich entrepreneur with an allergy to humans who lives an isolated life and communicates only with his robot, which later turns out to be... a living person. European productions will be represented by the French series "Dazzling Sun", whose premiere episodes will be broadcast every weekday at 16:00.


In the week of bTV Story's launch, fans of telenovelas will also be delighted with the two biggest hits in Latin America of the last decade - "The Stepmother" and "Pantanal". The Mexican "Stepmother", which follows the harrowing story of a woman sentenced to 35 years in prison for a crime she didn't commit, starts on December 14 at 17:00. Immediately following it is the worldwide hit "Pantanal", a Brazilian series nominated for Best Telenovela at this year's Emmy Awards, watched by over 150 million viewers in its home country alone. The story of a passionate and unbridled love set against the backdrop of one of the most beautiful places on earth will air from 14 December, every weekday at 6pm.

Beginning December 16, every Saturday and Sunday at 8 p.m. are reserved for the premiere youth series, Hear Me. Weekends on bTV Story will offer viewers the special late slot, where the most intriguing titles in the crime genre from around the world find a place. What new mysteries the hypochondriac inspector with a hardened heart will face on the popular Cesar Wagner crime series remains to be seen on Saturday nights at 9:30 pm. And from 17 December (Sunday), the British series Miss Marple's Crime Cases begins. The complex and paid crimes that Agatha Christie's heroine takes on will be expertly solved every Sunday night at 9:30 pm.


The new channel bTV Story will retain the position of bTV Lady in the network of cable and satellite operators in Bulgaria.

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