Journalists of bTV News with new high honors

Gabriela Andreeva with “Daniela Seizova" award, Stoyan Georgiev and Alexander Osichenko - with "Valya Krushkina"


bTV News journalists received new prestigious awards last night. Gabriela Andreeva won the "Daniela Seizova - in the name of life" award for the best TV reportage. At the famous awards "Valya Krushkina - Journalism for the People", Stoyan Georgiev took the grand prize, and Alexander Osichenko was rated first as a photojournalist.

The reporter Gabriela Andreeva won with her story about the reportage for shortage of a life-saving drug for diabetics, because it is misused by people, who want to lose weight.

"We live in times in which society is extremely distrustful of institutions, and this is where the role of the media as the fourth power appears. People are constantly asking us to help them, and I am so glad we are able to respond, to tell human stories and, in the case of this reportage, to achieve a concrete result - the Ministry of Health has already created a specialized council to monitor the missing medicines," said Gabriela Andreeva on the ceremony.

These awards are in memory of bTV journalist Daniela Seizova, who was cordially covering the problems of patients in her reports. The rewards are assigned every year by the Bulgarian Patient Forum for outstanding contribution of journalists in the field of healthcare.

The bTV reporter Stoyan Georgiev is the winner of the "Valya Krushkina - journalism for the people" grand prize. He was awarded for his film for bTV Reporters "Testimonies from Bucha".

"This award is a huge responsibility for me because it is for a film about Bucha in Ukraine. I am happy to receive this high and prestigiour prize," said Stoyan Georgiev.

bTV cinematographer Aleksandr Osichenko won first place in the “Visual journalist” category for his footage from Ukraine in the early days of the war. "My vision, my perspective on the world, as I see it, has been appreciated - that's the important to me" he said.