Market Links research: bTV is the most wanted media for election day information in the first round and the most preferred TV station for the second round of local elections

bTV to present exit poll data for Sofia, Ruse, Veliko Tarnovo, Haskovo, Plovdiv, Varna, Blagoevgrad


Express research* by the Market Links agency shows that bTV was the most wanted media outlet to get information about the election in the first round. 32% of consumers who participated in the poll said they have trusted bTV the most on October 29 as a source for election day information - regardless of media type, compared to 29% for the second in the poll.

Regarding the second round of the elections, 38.8% of respondents in the survey said they would prefer bTV's program to follow the election day on November 5, compared to 33.8% for the next TV station in the survey.

bTV will again follow the election race with quality TV coverage and content on its digital platforms. Two election studios at the beginning and at the end of the day with Victoria Petrova, Zlatimir Yochev, Maria Tsаntsarova, Ivan Georgiev and Lilyana Boyanova, as well as Face to Face with Tsvetanka Rizova, will present the election day not only with expert talks and analysis, but also through the eyes of guests from the cultural and social life who will give their perspectives on the life and personal choices before the people.

bTV News will offer newscasts every round the clock until noon and additional newscasts in the afternoon with hosts Polina Mechkueva, Ivaylo Vezenkov, Victoria Goteva - Dimitrova, Victoria Petrova and Yuksel Kadriev. With live reports and reporters' stories from bTV journalists and correspondents across the country, the broadcaster will show the dynamics of voter turnout, viewers' signals and the important moments of voting day. 

bTV will again work with data from the sociological agencies Alpha Research and Market Links for Sofia, Ruse, Veliko Tarnovo, Haskovo, Plovdiv, Varna, Blagoevgrad.

"The team of bTV News and current affairs will present the decisive battle for local power where there are ballots. We have also prepared a varied and content-packed program this week to keep viewers well informed," says Ralf Bartoleit, CEO and Acting Director of News, Current Affairs and Sport.

Election Day coverage on 5 November on bTV starts at 07:00 and will end at 23:00. The news stream throughout the day will also be covered on bTV's digital platforms.

* Market Links research

A national express poll conducted between 30 October and 1 November on behalf of bTV Media Group among 611 Bulgarian citizens aged 18-54.