The entertaining TV competition "I Love Bulgaria" will debut on bTV in the spring of 2024


2024 will bring a lot of positive emotions, good mood and fun moments for the viewers of bTV Media Group. And what better than when entertainment for the whole family is combined with an accumulation of knowledge dedicated to the homeland. The ITV Studios format that traveled to 34 territories to date "I Love My Country", will shine on bTV's air for the first time in the spring of the upcoming year.

The show which is dedicated to everything that makes it worth loving your country - I Love Bulgaria, will bring its positive energy into the homes of bTV viewers with its freshness and dynamism to grab their attention and hearts. The state-of-the-art studio with an interactive floor will host two loud, cheerful cheering squads who will energetically support both teams throughout the game. The teams will consist of beloved celebrities who will be led by their captains. Fresh, artistic, inquisitive and different will also be the host, who will quickly become a favorite of everyone in the room and in front of the screens. Curious, unexpected, thematic, modern and patriotic questions from different walks and topics of life await the two teams in the seven rounds of the game, which include the Time Box, Super Box, Wheel of Life and others. Dynamic, interesting, energetic, with unexpected twists, new knowledge and surprises, "I Love Bulgaria" will bring excellent mood to the spring air of bTV. And the band and the live music will add a lot of mood for everyone.

"I Love Bulgaria" is one of the latest productions that will soon delight the viewers of bTV. With it, the media reinforces its aspiration to serve quality and entertaining entertainment content that will bring the whole family together in front of the small screen.