The media are called upon to create more content with informational value

Interview with Gospodin Yovchev, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director of bTV Media Group


"New technologies, innovations, provocations to the viewer are an immanent part of our portfolio and business strategy. However, we should not forget that television offers a well-told story. The balance between responsible and quality journalism and professionally presented news, combined with new and provocative shows is something that the viewer needs". With these words, Gospodin Yovchev, the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director of bTV Media Group, analyzed the strategy for presence and development in the media market. According to him, there is no standard formula for a successful media product and program content because society's agenda drives change, and the point is to capture needs and offer what people really need.

Gospodin Yovchev says that bTV Media Group's increased investments in programming content in 2021 have been recognized by the audience and the partner network: "We introduced new television formats beyond those already imposed on the market. We have increased the trust of viewers and advertisers who can count on the content they know and love, but also something new, challenging and leading a new audience, different from that of traditionally established shows on the air. The key word here is sustainability and when you are faced with crisis times, you have to find the golden mean between investment and spending, in order to meet the expectations of the viewers and the shareholders."

When asked how he sees the media market in 5 or 10 years, Gospodin Yovchev believes that it will still be dynamic, developing and serving the public interest. You can read the whole interview here.