There, where the audience is - Everywhere

Being in sync with the multi-platform world of content and successful advertising with bTV Media Group


Business success can have different dimensions and directions in which it can be achieved. Factors and circumstances related to growth invariably accompany an entrepreneurial or corporate venture on the road to desired results. 

Being one of the great ones is the result of diligence, perseverance, hard work and good strategic planning. Oh, and maybe a little advertising.

Big brands in today's dynamic business world get a better return on investment. Big brands are better known. Big brands are more accessible. They are a good and safe option when you are betting on them and making your choice as a consumer or business partner. Brands realize that their success and popularity is built on the overall customer communication and experience, supported as a process by advertising.

Okay, but how did they get big? And how can we measure the commercial impact of something as subjective as the creative appeal of an advertising communication? Let's look at the experience of the big ones.

The way your brand has become what it is today is likely the result of a good story (brand identity) told (storytelling) in a creative and memorable way (video) through a strong media vehicle (TV) that reaches the most people. What is it? Advertising.

As an advertising form, video arguably has the strongest emotional impact on increasing the return on an ad. In today's world of fragmented attention, audiences are everywhere, and they consume content across devices and platforms. That's why it's important that they complement each other.

What is advertising through the lens of media?

As a professional with over 20 years of experience in the industry, bTV Media Group's Sales Director Velimira Petrova has extensive observations on both media and agencies. She steps in with her proven talent and expertise to transform companies, accelerating their growth and results across all areas, channels, and platforms. "As a leading media group, with its portfolio, bTV Media Group makes a daily commitment to follow and apply the best global business practices with proven results to its diverse audience, business partners and advertisers. It is in bTV Media Group's genetic code to set the industry standards and stay the course. This means being the trusted partner in delivering impactful multi-platform 360-degree solutions to upgrade the communication frameworks of brands of all scope and scale. Being a partner to such a vast majority of the brands on the Bulgarian market is a privilege and responsibility that we defend with a tailored approach and a strategy focused on building each of our own communication products as a manifestation of the needs and demands of the market." says Petrova.

Acquiring and maintaining quality and multi-thematic content is among the priorities of the media group, which continues to invest in projects with proven audience interest. The direction of interaction with advertisers, namely for the media group to position their messages in a brand safe and credible environment with a concentration of viewer attention in order to maximise results, is at the core of bTV Media Group's commercial values and development vision.

"Quality content on all platforms - news, journalism, entertainment, sports, culture, an overall mix of emotional charge - if there is one place where audiences find it all, it is in bTV Media Group's portfolio, which is part of the public's everyday life. We work daily towards creating quality and useful content, entertaining viewers, listeners, and online users, and building on our technological and creative capacity to meet the needs of our partners. Going forward, we will continue with this focused development approach - creativity in delivering advanced and proven solutions for all involved - advertisers and viewers alike, through the content we prepare in the coming seasons. Right ahead of us is the launch of Fall 2023," adds Petrova.

Every ad is an idea of sorts that aims to provoke or inspire action from end consumers because they are the key to a brand's success - not only because they secure market share, but because once they make a purchase, they validate the fundamental goal of any marketing strategy -to sell. This is the thesis around which the Sales Department of bTV Media Group unanimously agrees.

Television enables the delivery of the advertising message, generating the initial attention to create an emotional connection with the audience and reinforcing it through the possibility of repetition at different times of the day. The digital environment allows for interactivity and complements the on-screen experience, while the recognizable voices on the radio airwaves allow for an even longer association with bTV Media Group’s content.

The brain is known to consume information in bits and pieces. Positioning the advertising message at the right moment will lead to the correct and adequate perception of the communication target. Advertising is a story, connected in a compelling way, and is particularly effective when its creative charge evokes emotion or surprise.

Choosing the right format is no less important. The right media space, with the quality and variety of content that underpins good TV programming, is also the route to achieving the most effective return on advertising investment.

"At bTV Media Group, we approach brands as business partners with whom we achieve high results together. We develop our relationships with each brand on the market with confidence that we approach them individually in our existing multi-platform environment. We continue to evolve and invest in rich, high quality and diverse content geared to entertain, inform, and engage the emotions of our diverse audience," adds the media group's sales director.

Nowadays, content is everywhere and so is the audience. bTV Media Group's entire TV portfolio enjoys the longest possible life cycle on all devices. "The additional opportunities we offer beyond the TV air across digital and radio platforms give access to entirely premiere and new content that adds emotional value to the overall audience experience. The exclusive shows that we prepare specifically for our websites and radios reinforce viewers' connection with the title and enable audiences to discover their favorite content on all bTV platforms, anytime," says Petrova.

The media is always on the lookout and that is why audiences rely on them for awareness and emotion. The latter is created thanks to the sense of anticipation and building on the experience with the episodic nature of series and reality formats that everyone looks forward to welcoming in bTV Media Group's upcoming Fall season.