"Who Knew?" with TV debut on bTV

Media expands portfolio of entertainment and educational shows in the new year


bTV has acquired the rights to broadcast the entertainment format "Who Knew?" by British multinational television production and distribution company Fremantle. With this step, the media expands its portfolio of entertainment shows that combine entertainment and knowledge and bring the whole family together in front of the screen.

 "Who Knew?" is a weekday comedy quiz show that will be aired in prime time on bTV. It is a relaxing mix of fun and knowledge, and in the answers to the questions and the competition between the participating teams lies the dynamics and tension that will keep viewers riveted to the small screen.

In the new show, viewers and participants will learn something new every day. The game will surprise with an unconventional approach, fun questions and trivia that one never thinks about, but also will never forget afterwards. The competition involves two teams led by captains - comedy actors. The teams will consist of celebrities who will answer the host's questions, and behind each question will be hidden sums of money. The prize - the entire amount won - will be for the audience like in no other show. The audience will also be an important part of the competition.

"Who Knew?" is the latest production that will soon delight the viewers of bTV. With it, the media reinforces its drive to serve quality content and to establish the place of prize fund knowledge games on its television airwaves.