bTV Cinema Premieres – The New Movie Slot for Entertainment and Exciting Stories

bTV Cinema will meet the movie junkies with their favourite actors and will bring new and inspiring stories from the global movie scene to the homes of viewers


A special selection of nine premiere titles from Warner Bros., Universal и Jeewa are chosen for the August schedule of premiere titles aired every Monday and Tuesday from 21:00 on bTV Cinema! Jessica Chastain, Sandra Bullock, Matt Damon, Tom Cruise, Will Smith are only some of the stars that will join viewers during the premiere movie nights. The new movie slot gives advertisers the opportunity to connect their brands with world-class movie entertainment.

Constantly on the search for new solutions, bTV Media Group offers a variety of instruments as means for adding brand value.

bTV Cinema PREMIERES is the new umbrella brand with attractive creative which is thematically associated and covers the premiere movie slot on bTV Cinema. The current offer includes sponsorship of the slot with all the premiere titles during August, as well as a communication plan including sponsored promotional forms aired during various time zones on bTV and bTV Cinema.

Aiming at better communication and at attracting a wider and diverse audience, the proposal also includes a special game associated with the content of the movie titles organized in bTV Radio Group.

The slot offers opportunities for premium ad forms with the new, attractive creative, establishing connection with the premiere movie titles. HERE you can find an example of a similar brand association.

Furthermore, brand elements may be positioned on the overlay of the promo and in the line-up screen. The sponsored promo form is aired in different time slots on bTV and bTV Cinema. HERE you will find an example of a similar brand association.



Radio N-JOY is one of the largest radio chains in the country and according to GARB’s autumn research ranks in the top positions among a widest spectrum of radio audiences.

The game in bTV Radio Group and the high-quality prizes provided by sponsors, guarantee high levels of engagement and positive consumer commitment to the brand. In this case, the client first provides diverse and enriching content, which the presenters share with the audience in an engaging but casual way.

For a period of three weeks in August, on a special landing page on the site of Radio N-JOY we will ask questions linked to the content of the upcoming premiere titles on bTV Cinema and together with the sponsor will motivate listeners to play the game and watch the movies. Fun publications will be positioned on the sites of bTV Radio and Jazz FM to further communicate the activation.

On air during the game, the movies and the sponsor will be intensively communicated on the air of N-JOY, bTV Radio and Jazz FM through sponsored promos, live announcements by the hosts and sponsorship tags before announcing the winners in the game, drawn randomly on a daily or weekly basis.

Here you can find more details about the sponsorship packages prepared by the Sales Department of bTV Media Group.

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