Celebrating Bulgarian Traditions With BOLGARE Wine At The Farm 2022 Finale

Domaine Boyar with thematic product integration in the spirit of traditional values


If there is one format that instantly creates an association with national traditions and Bulgarian identity, it is the TV phenomenon "The Farm". In its last season, the format went by the motto "The Bridge of Time" and triumphed with a grand long-awaited finale in December.

It was there that we naturally developed the partnership with Domaine Boyar through a thematic brand integration of BOLGARE wine, as a brand that preserves the timeless traditions of Bulgarians and the power of family values.


On the stage of "The Farm", as a link to the motto of the season "The Bridge of Time", we positioned a branded wine case with special prizes from Domaine Boyar for each of the six finalists - a selection of wines "BOLGARE", as a symbolic bridge to the Bulgarian way of life and culture.

In the exciting live finale, the award communicated the client's mission to strengthen the traditions of Bulgarians in wine production.

Along with the BOLGARE wine selection, our partners from Domaine Boyar gave each of the six finalists with an individual and unique folk costume expressing the beauty of Bulgarian embroidery. Each of the costumes was made especially for the particular participant, recreating the spirit and tradition of different regions of our country.

We enhanced the scene with an announcement from a host weaving the message and the connection of the BOLGARE brand with the magical power of embroidery, tradition and attention to detail. We synchronized the announcement with a preview of the BOLGARE wine stand and a spectacular presentation of models dressed in the costumes, which also reinforced the themes of patriotism, tradition, history and customs.

Client. Domaine Boyar


Agency: Argent 2022

Season: Fall 2022

Channel: bTV