Culinary Culture, Dynamic and Emotion, Presented with the Fine Taste of MasterChef and Staropramen

Staropramen with multiplatform presence in bTV Media Group


The brand integration incorporates a variety of placement options in creative challenges and situations in the content of the top culinary show MasterChef. Communication highlights were the recognition of the brand by a professional chef and the distinction of the taste qualities of beer in a food pairing challenge.

The kitchen perfectionist - Chef André Tokev - demonstrated innovative techniques and recipes to the contestants, with beer as a mandatory ingredient during his Masterclass.

A special guest in one of the episodes of the show was Cicerone - a beer sommelier who focused on the different qualities and tastes of beer and how to combine it with different types of food. Afterwards, contestants prepared three types of sausages using different kinds of Staropramen brand beer.

The client's presence continued throughout the entire season of the show, including through beauty shots of a special branded corner with a beer tap installation. Visualizations of the branded corner and the pouring of beer were followed by scenes at the restaurant.

We positioned our client as a "Proud sponsor of MasterChef" by tying MasterChef and Staropramen in a communication in stores, online activities, billboard advertising and press publications.

In a digital environment, the brand was positioned in a highly unorthodox way. In addition to video and banner communication throughout the bWeb network, together with Chef Georgi Boykovski, who is one of the most innovative cooks in Bulgaria, we filmed 7 videos and posted them on a landing page specially designed for the client. In them, we showed Chef Boykovski's idea of the best Bulgarian dishes for beer.

Tying the premium beer brand to MasterChef's premium content in a multi-platform environment led to increased reach and effectiveness of the campaign and to achieving the communication goals of the client.

Client: Kamenitza

Brand: Staropramen

Agency: Zenith/Publicis

Season: Spring 2019


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