Deichmann And Radio N-JOY With A Special Feature For Fashion Lovers

The radio air shares information about the upcoming collections of the Deichmann chain store


On the occasion of the 110th anniversary of the Deichmann shoe stores, in collaboration with the team of Radio N-JOY, we created a special radio segment. In the period from February to November, listeners will be able to hear 20 radio features on the "Inspector N-JOY Morning Show". The host and his guests will serve up interesting information about Deichmann. The rubrics will be announced with promo-announcements in a commercial block and with live-announcements from the hosts. On the N-JOY website, the columns will be presented with visuals according to the topic and with a short main text to which special descriptions will be added to each new topic. For each column, the radio station will post on its Facebook page with links to the website and the sponsor's Facebook page.

The first two columns have already aired with a special focus on Skechers sports sneakers. They featured a special appearance by the sunny N-JOY radio presenter Domenika Dimitrova. With a lot of fun and trivia, together with Inspector N-JOY, they provide information about the new items in the Spring-Summer collection of Deichmann, which from a small shoe store has become a global retail chain!

Challenging, colourful, extremely stylish and comfortable - Deichmann enters the new season sporty, and one of the top brands it relies on is Skechers!  The light and airy snickers appeal with pastel to bright colors, solid colored soles, and a great basketball, retro or retro tennis look. Just good vibes: pictures with floral motifs, playful Love signs, hearts or colourful hippie-style pearls give out a little love to the world with every step.