Irresistible Adventures

How survival can be pleasant and comfortable with the help of the right partners - Decathlon and NUII in SURVIVOR The Hidden Idol


The long-awaited return of Survivor, with its sixth season on bTV Media Group, reminded viewers how nature can be beautiful, but also challenging. In a game of character, in which emotion and reason often contrast with each other, finding a faithful partner with whom to conquer battles is one of the main prerequisites for victory. In an instant the team game turns into an individual competition, and it is then that adaptability becomes the biggest asset for the contestants.

Whether in a team or alone against everyone, the contestant who will always have the advantage is the one with the best preparation and equipment. In line with the adventurous nature of the format, we ran two campaigns with some of the most innovative and appropriate brands for the context of the show.

Your next adventure with NUII

Picturesque shots in the wilds of the Philippines, emotional atmosphere and thirst for adventure created a natural context for linking the new NUII ice creams with the content of the format, and host Vlado Karamazov "gave" his voice for the message in the commercial video.

The purpose of the communication was to achieve an experience for all the senses in order to expand the horizons beyond the known boundaries of pleasure, in a context that satisfies the thirst for adventure.

The exciting partnership with NUII ice creams started with the sponsorship of SURVIVOR, which spread throughout the broadcast period. With a rotation of a variety of visual creatives communicating the different tastes of NUII, we stated the natural connection with the overall sense of nature, freedom and adventure. A week before the premiere of the NUII ice cream video, we warmed up the audience with the brand's Cut-in format in the weather forecast before the Central News. We integrated an image word from the NUII style into the forecast scenario, synchronized with the alternative form of the brand.

On the day of the launch of the commercial, as well as the day after, with a special transition effect, we realized a smooth transition into a premium break, in which we broadcast the NUII ice cream spot, positioned in the first and exclusive position. After the premiere of the video, we unfolded the brand communication in various time slots across the bTV program. We developed the connection of NUII along the lines of a tempting ice cream adventure and during the emotional finale of SURVIVOR.


Your home under the stars from Decathlon Bulgaria

In extreme conditions of rain and wind, sand and mud, and in the company of the variety of insects, reptiles and birds offered by the nature of the Philippines, the opportunity to win a fully equipped sleeping set is almost like an unattainable dream. However, this is exactly what happened to some of the contestants in SURVIVOR The Hidden Idol, thanks to our partners from Decathlon Bulgaria. The provided inflatable beds, mattresses, pillows, hammocks provided real comfort to one of the tribes.

The brand integration of the client was complemented at the very end by providing complete camping equipment to the winner. A tent, an inflatable mattress for two, a double sleeping bag, a pillow, folding chairs and a table, a hammock, a camping lamp, an inflatable cooler bag, thermoses, and a set of dishes and utensils awaited the last survivor and his next outdoor adventure.

The format found its two partners with NUII (Froneri Bulgaria) and Decathlon Bulgaria, whose integrations were carried out in a memorable way through organic positioning in a contextually appropriate environment for the product range of the brand. Eager to experience the emotion, the partnerships unfolded until the very end, uniting the universes of the two brands, SURVIVOR and bTV Media Group.