L'Oreal Paris Takes Care Of Natalie Trifonova's Appearance

The brand's products are part of the daily routine of the charming bTV presenter


Every woman relies on good and proper care for her skin throughout the year. Some brands are known for their wide range of products that we rely on every day, and one of them chose the charming bTV presenter Natalie Trifonova to collaborate with in presenting their new products. Natalie shared her fascination with the new serum from L'Oreal Paris' - L'Oréal Revitalift CLINICAL VIT C, which she's been using to actively prepare her skin for summer.

In a series of Instagram posts, Natalie will be introducing all her followers to the L'Oreal products she relies on. The partnership with the cosmetics giant will be further built upon with the Elseve hair range with a number of social media activities for the rest of the year.