Matchmaking At Its Best With Altinbas

This season’s most remarkable on-screen product integration was an exquisite treasure from Bulgaria’s first ever bachelor


Probably many girls imagine finding themselves on an exotic location, surrounded by the sun, a handsome man who happens to be deeply affectionate for them, and on top of that – they receive a shiny gift in the form of a mesmerizing shiny bracelet. All of this happened to one lucky participant in the first-ever season of “The Bachelor” in Bulgaria on the air of bTV.

As a token of his feelings, Victor gave one of the lucky ladies a present that would quickly become the most talked about item in and out of the house. The luxurious bracelet, provided by the premium jewelry brand Altinbas, immediately extended a life of its own, becoming a continuous topic of conversation between the participants on screen, across social media and in online publications. A reason for conflict, a display of affection and an accessory that was seen many times on screen – the bracelet stirred the wheel of the entire show after its appearance. 

Designed with the careful consideration of fine jewelry experts at Altinbas, the bracelet was elegantly integrated during a romantic date on the beach, representing a treasure to be found by the lucky lady that Victor had invited on a date. The organic product placement was the result of the creative input of all parties - the partner, the producer and bTV Media Group, representing the perfect match between content and brand.

The finale of the first season of “The Bachelor” would not have been as exciting if the most romantic on-screen fairytale hadn’t included the most desired symbol of love and commitment. Once again provided by Altinbas, the bright shine of this magnetic promise sent a message of considerate love to the audience.

Gorgeous jewelry is forever. Remind yourselves of its shine on bTV here:

Client: Altinbas

Period: April 2022

Format/Show: Season 1 of “The Bachelor”