Nikolaos Tsitiridis In The "Wash Away The Hate" Campaign By Fashion Days And Human

The fashion brand sends a message that was joined by bTV's favorite comedy host


Influencers are used to receiving gifts from many brands. PR packages are a suitable way to communicate when launching new products, which receive additional visibility in the profiles of popular people on social networks.

However, for the first time, and from Fashion Days, influencers received hate. In its creative campaign carried out in partnership with the Human Agency, which was inspired by the social networks of famous Bulgarians, the brand collected hate comments from the profiles of selected influencers and turned them into a personalized t-shirt. Each insult on them is handwritten with a special paint that disappears after the first wash. The aim of the campaign is to remind influencers and their followers that hate is temporary, but style stays forever, so it's best to follow yourself.

As a popular figure on television and a person who often self-mocks, Nikolaos demonstrated to his followers (and haters) how to easily wash away hate comments. You can see the post in the profile of Nikolaos Tsitiridis from the campaign here: