One Inspector, Eight Cities, Ten Cars - the Story of a Successful Advertising Campaign

Radio N-JOY has successfully realized a new adventure of Inspector N-JOY with our partners from Hyundai


Inspector N-JOY became part of the first-ever national Hyundai Road Show, offering our Hyundai partners a unique advertising form. Within 20 days, the popular N-JOY morning show radio host toured the country with 8 Hyundai cars and gave the chance to all car aficionados to see live and online all the extras of various car models of the brand.

While a large group of cars toured 10 cities across the country and provided a free test drive to everyone interested, Inspector N-JOY revealed details about each of the cars, both on site, and on air to the wider audience. Only on Radio N-JOY, anyone could learn the most up-to-date information from the Inspector's journey, who everyday took fans around the interior of each car, with panoramic videos directly from the driver's seat.

The emblematic radio host was on site with the Hyundai team in every city the Road Show visited. Every day, he also provided, on-site and on the channels of Radio N-JOY, exclusive news, photos and reports on the spot. With a lot of sense of humor and a casual approach, the Inspector managed to showcase the entire portfolio of cars, including the latest generations of the 4x4 Santa Fe and Tucson N-Line models, the dynamic KONA and the latest compact Hyundai i30. Inspector N-JOY continued to support his long-standing green initiative, and for his admirers and the fans of new technologies, he presented the revolutionary models with alternative propulsion IONIQ - the world's first model with three electrified motors: hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric. the world's first compact SUV with 100% electric drive - Hyundai KONA Electric.

With the power of radio, on-site events,  the alternative advertising positioning via video content, and the presence and quality assurances of the Inspector, the Hyundai Road Show became a successful advertising campaign.

More about the Hyundai Road Show and about each location can be found in the channels of Radio N-JOY radio and Hyundai's Facebook page.


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