Running Smooth Like Water, With Kärcher And Radio N-JOY

Another successful alternative campaign on Radio N-JOY


Kärcher - the largest manufacturer of cleaning equipment in the world, was presented for the 5th time on N-JOY radio in an unusual way. Especially for the needs of the client we created a special game-section, which revealed the advantages of the brand and at the same time presented useful and interesting information for our listeners.

For 2 weeks, Kärcher's range of water jets was presented on N-JOY's Facebook page. The host of "Inspector N-JOY's Morning Show" (7.00 - 10.00) announced various facts about the equipment and challenged the audience to join the game. Those wishing to participate had to answer a question below the daily post related to product information.

In order for the positioning of the client to be as complete as possible, an info page about the game and respectively about the client's products was published on the website of the radio - Listeners who registered for the game and gave a correct answer won prizes at random, with Kärcher providing a total of 10 daily prizes and one grand prize at the end of the game - the K25 water jet, limited edition.

The campaign achieved enviable results - over 7,300 participants joined with a personal response. The number reached certainly exceeds this figure, given that on a daily basis N-JOY radio reaches over 1 million and 300 thousand listeners.