The First Planetarium In Sofia Opens With A Collaboration With bSTARS

The smiling host of the bTV Weather forecast - Borislav Lazarov - hosted the opening ceremony


What's a capital city without a planetarium? Up until recently, Sofia was the only European capital without a facility of this type, but on 25.11., with the help of one of the emblematic faces of bTV - Borislav Lazarov, the first planetarium became a reality. The anchor of the Weather forecast was the person whom the organizers from "Photonica" trusted. The project is called "Andromeda" and got its start during the pandemic, which, however, limited the possibility of its official opening.

Two years later, the "Andromeda" planetarium finds its place in front of the Regional Center for Contemporary Arts "Toplotsentrala" and allows visitors of all ages to enjoy a real cosmic experience. On November 26, the planetarium officially opened to visitors. The films shown will cover topics about the universe, the oceans and the Earth, and there will also be cartoons to make the information accessible to the little ones.

As he himself shared in his guest appearance on "120 minutes", Bobi Lazarov is a Space lover, and his association with the project is more than appropriate.