"The Lidl Effect", Presented By Svetlio Ivanov

The host of "120 Minutes" entered in a role as moderator of the press conference for the retail chain Lidl Bulgaria


1.61 billion leva is the total contribution of Lidl Bulgaria to the country's economy. This is the result of the evaluation of the economic activity of the company prepared by the Institute of Market Economy (IME). The topic was presented at the retail chain’s press conference, which took place on November 24th in Grand Hotel Millennium in Sofia. The measurement of the company's footprint on the country's economy was evaluated for the first time in 2019 and has since been known as "The Lidl Effect", which the brand used as the motto of the event.

As a moderator, Lidl chose the host of "120 minutes", Svetoslav Ivanov. With a rich portfolio of corporate events, as well as an established role as a presenter and journalist on bTV, Svetlio, as he is known to everyone, is a natural choice for corporate and PR events, award ceremonies and conferences on various industry topics in Bulgaria.

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