The Story Of An Ice Cream Summer Shared With Inspector N-JOY

A campaign collaboration between Familia Galaxy ice cream and Radio N-JOY became a social media sensation


Radio N-JOY loves to delight its listeners with giveaways, and summer is our favorite time to give out cooling delights, which made us the perfect partner for the Familia Galaxy ice creams promotional campaign. For 3 weeks in the month of June, we challenged the listeners of Radio N-JOY to participate in the game "Share with Inspector N-JOY and Familia Galaxy Ice Creams" by answering our summer questions on the Radio N-JOY Facebook page.

Sharing is always nice, but this June sharing with Inspector N-JOY brought an extra treat, namely lots of ice cream and prizes from Familia Galaxy ice creams. Listeners had the opportunity to join the game by answering the daily questions asked in special posts. In order for the campaign to be shared, we made co-branded frames that allowed the Familia Galaxy brand placement on the radio page to feel natural to the users. Tying the radio logo to the client's visuals added a new level of credibility to the gameplay and legitimized the fun facts presented about Familia Galaxy ice creams.

The client chose a positioning with the iconic Inspector N-JOY, who shared interesting facts about ice creams every day and invited listeners to join the game from the radio station's air and "The Inspector N-JOY Show".

At the end of the week, one participant won a month's worth of ice cream from Familia Galaxy! Whole cartons of ice cream fantasy were given away during the "Share with Inspector N-JOY and Familia Galaxy Ice Creams" campaign, and in the comments below the posts we found out great stories about our listeners' ice cream experiences. The remarkable 11 700 participants took part in the game.

What happens when a lot of ice cream is added to the summer mood? One great campaign on the Radio N-JOY morning show and our new game Share with Inspector N-JOY and Familia Galaxy Ice Cream!