Thirst For Adventure With NUII Ice Cream In Survivor

The brand also premiered on the TV air with the latest premium advertising form from bTV Media Group


The idea:

Many of us dream of exploring exotic lands and immersing ourselves in an unfamiliar culture. By theming NUII ice creams with Survivor, we've highlighted the brand as one satisfying the appetite for adventure by taking us to a place wilder than everyday life - the beautiful island lands of the Dominican Republic.

We celebrated the presence of the variety of NUII ice cream flavors in some of the format's most emotionally intense moments, integrating them as a reward for the tribe that won in battle and in the meaningful moment of Unification.

In the integration, one of the main lines was to unfold the message that placed in extreme conditions and extreme dynamics, the opportunity for participants to enjoy ice cream would be a moment of true delight, awakening the senses with the flavors of NUII ice cream, a natural part of the thrill and the overall experience along the way of the adventure.

The Integration:

We started the communication at a stage when for more than a month, it was the thirst for adventure that gave the participants the strength and motivation to face the difficulties and survive, despite the conditions they lived in, the lack of food and the unbearable heat. At one such moment, one of the tribes was given the opportunity to cool down and refresh by receiving a prize of NUII ice creams - a freezer full of the variety of ice cream flavours and to connect with the feeling of a combination of the familiar and the surprising.

We developed the brand message in the stage where the participants of the two tribes  - "Warriors" and "Popular" launched their personal story, living as one in the moment of Unification. In celebration of the merge, Survivors got to enjoy the NUII ice cream party at Survivor, which brought them to a new plan and strategy in gaming.

We enriched the communication of NUII ice cream through branded props arranged in the iconic party atmosphere, stepping into the moment of their next adventure when the game changes. And it changed fundamentally, with all the incentives for participants changing as well.

The brand integration of NUII ice creams energised the survivors to tackle the new challenges and in a follow-up brand integration in the post-Reunion episode, when beautifully arranged props with different brand flavours and a freezer full of ice cream welcomed the winners of another battle amidst an inspiring atmosphere and emotions in a villa with a pool. The prize and the overall experience fueled their appetite for adventure, pushing them to keep going forward to make their dream come true.

We built on NUII Ice Cream's communication throughout the Survivor season deploying the different flavours' messages through alternative advertising forms and sponsorship.

We exclusively amplified the impact of the project by airing the new Wrapper format in select episodes of the format, inspiring and energizing viewers for their next adventure.

Client: Froneri Bulgaria

Brand: NUII

Season: Spring 2023

Channel: bTV